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The Embroidery Process
Step 2 - Digitising

Our team will then digitise your logos/designs. This process converts images and text into a stitch pattern
that the machine can understand. The more complex the design the more stitches the embroidery stitch
pattern is likely to have.
Step 3 - Embroidery

Once digitising is complete garments are then prepared and its onto the machine where they are
embroidered. The garments are then finished, packaged and ready to be delivered or picked up by
Cant find what your looking for?
Don't worry our friendly team of staff can help advise you on the best solution for you requirements and budget. Simply give us a quick email at
wizardembroidery@hotmail.com or call us on 01788 833020, we’re here to help!
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Our in house embroidery machines can transform virtually any garments by directly sewing designs/logos.
Embroidery not only gives a professional look and crystal clear finish but its also highly durable with colours
that are guaranteed to not fade over time.
Step 1 - Quote

Simply send us your logos/design and your requirements to wizardembroidery@hotmail.com
We have an ‘Online Garment Catalogue’ where you can view our whole garment range. However
if you are unable to find what you are looking for don't worry our friendly team can guide you through
the processes recommending the best garments to suit your needs. All quotes are Free.